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Financial Management & Operations


  • MIPR Processing

  • Robotics Process Automation (UIPath)

  • DARQ-Q / Tri Annual Support

  • Unmatched Disbursement Analysis and Resolution


  • DAI Bootcamp (End-to-End DAI Training)

  • Financial Process Improvement

  • Accounting and Finance Support

  • Reporting and Data Analytics (OBIEE)

  • Interface Management

  • DAI Help Desk


  • Financial Management

  • Strategic Communications

  • Financial Execution Dashboard

  • Data Migration (CCaRS)


  • Creating financial operational efficiencies by developing RPA to reduce manual financial transaction processes at DARPA

  • DARPA was the only 4th Estate deemed audit ready due to our team’s work cleaning up financial transactions and

  • dormant obligations

  • Saved DTSA over $60,000 on their DFAS bill after the resource management directorate attended our training

  • Identified payroll short falls early for DTSA which allowed more time to reallocate funds

  • Developed a financial management dashboard for DTRA that made it easy for Programs to manage budget execution – enabling the organization to execute 100% (which previously they were not able to do)

  • Migrated over 70,000 documents for DTRA from CCaRS and helped retain critical financial documents to support the audit. Developed procedures and cataloging mechanism that made it easy to retrieve files

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