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Stop waiting. Start changing.

How do you achieve an unqualified audit opinion? Start by reducing your financial and business feeder system footprint by implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as Oracle Federal Financials or SAP. The more data is integrated, the higher the traceability. We have supported large and small ERP implementations across the Federal government with lean and scalable teams. Our success has directly attributed to unqualified audit opinions for the agencies we support.



Stop thinking. Start doing.

How do you sunset your business feeder systems without user disruption or risk of losing critical operational and historical information? Choose an experienced team who understands the “As-Is” and “To-Be” data structure, who develops an integrated master schedule aligned with the mission objectives, and who trains and provides documentation for posterity. Our team has supported a number of data migration projects from financial data migration to documentation migration. We successfully migrated and turned off CCaRS for JIDO and reduced the customer’s need to scan hard-copies for records retention and audit purpose.



Stop wasting. Start streamlining.

What do you do when Congress passes a law and expects you to implement complex financial changes with limited time? Let Redwood Strategy Group develop the roadmap for you! Redwood Strategy Group successfully developed and executed a roadmap for JIDO to move execution from one appropriation to another -- despite executing in different financial systems, under different entities (Army & Defense Agency), with funds distributed across the Federal government (via MIPRs and IAAs). The results included proper return of funds, no impacts to funding/execution/pay to civilians, and recognition from DTRA’s director via the large team award.


Data Analytics / Visualization

Stop compiling. Start optimizing.

Data Analytics is a critical component to effectively managing an organization and paints a picture of whether it is achieving objectives or if changes need to be implemented. For our financial management customers, this picture is necessary to understand the financial posture and what financial decisions and steps need to be accomplished to support the mission. Our data model, the Standardized Information for Decision Makers (SIDM) provides leadership with multiple views of information to accurately reflect financial execution compared to goals, spend plans, and other data elements. We have been able to extrapolate unique data sets and layer them together. Through this we have forged a new way to understand your data from start to finish. This is providing decision-makers a lens to see the entire organization through the financial planning, programming, budgeting and execution phases. For DAI customers, we offer a turn-key data analytics tool as it uses existing DAI global reports and can easily be implemented for any DAI user with adjustments to reflect Agency and Service business processes.

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