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Hailey Le


Hailey Le is the CEO and founder of Redwood Strategy Group. She founded the company with the same principles that shaped her character – do right by your employees, do right by your customers, and serve your family and community.

Prior to Redwood Strategy, Hailey worked in consulting firms of all sizes, leading multi-million dollar business units across multiple disciplines (PPBE, Systems, Audit Readiness, Audit Remediation, Data Migration, and Transformation). She spent most of her career supporting the Department of Defense and Federal agencies in strategic, large, complex, transformative programs.

Hailey earned a degree, Magna Cum Laude, from George Mason University in Decision Science & Management Information Systems.


A daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees, she is a first generation Vietnamese-American. She is an active member of her elementary school’s PTA and volunteers with local charities to feed the homeless and build libraries for impoverished areas.


Her biggest accomplishment in life is building a family with her husband and three young daughters. They love to create memories through traveling and trying different cuisines.

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